26 Nov - 06 Dec 2015, 2 - 7pm

Mains d'OEuvres, Paris




26 Nov - 06 Dec 2015
2 - 7pm


Mains d'OEuvres
1 rue Charles Garnier
Saint-Ouen, Paris,  93400
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'Nature (s)'. This simple word contains multiple potentialities, and will gather invited artists to present their multiple points of view. Nature, from what we have under our feet to the most distant galaxies, only shows us a small fraction of what could be perceived.

With Akatre, Cécile Beau, Neil Beloufa, Charlotte Charbonnel, Marie Chemorin, Djeff et Arturo Erbsman
Curators : Djeff & Ann Stouvenel

'Nature (s)'. This simple word contains multiple potentialities, and will invite artists to all the itinerant exhibitions, as well as new recruits, met along the events. During each exhibition, the collective reunites in a specific context.

In Mains d’Œuvres, the artworks will discuss a flourishing social issue: ecology. At the end of 2015, the city of Paris will host the COP21, a high stake political gathering, that should lead to a “new international agreement on climate, enforceable to every country”.

In parallel to these discussions between the biggest nations of the world, we will stand as a drop of water on this political chessboard. We will sublime what we cannot have influence on, as well as celebrate what is the most precious to us all: nature. While a a handful of people, supposed to represent the population of the world, pull the strings of a micro-theatre, the art works will replace us in another scenario of poetic and sensitive experiences.

The exhibition will enter the void between the turmoil of this planetary manifestation and the wise men, fellows of Confusis, ermites in search of immortality and ascension to wisdom.

'Nature (s)' is here conjugated in plural, in order to mark the multiple points of view of the artists.

Glassbox, Fondation Vasarely, Marker Management Consulting


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