NinetyFive Percent – The unseen depths of our oceans

Curated by Jaimee Paul

05 - 07 Nov 2015, All Day

Distict01, NSW, Australia


Campaign Image - Art by Elle Wills


05 - 07 Nov 2015
All Day
The NinetyFive Percent exhibition is free and opening night is on Thursday 5th of November 6 – 9 pm. Then open on November 6 – Saturday November 7, 10am – 5pm at District01, 7 Randle Lane, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia.


7 Randle Lane, Surry Hills
Sydney, NSW, Australia,  2100
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A movement bringing 20 Artists together to create artworks for awareness of ocean warming and coral bleaching. Opening 6pm Thursday the 5th of November at District01.

Facebook: /NinetyFivePercent95
Instagram: @ninetyfive_percent

The NinetyFive Percent movement is bringing art and science together with an exhibition to raise awareness of global coral bleaching. The environmental phenomenon threatens 38% of the world’s coral reefs and will kill 12,000 square kilometres, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Curated by Director of NinetyFive Percent, Jaimee Paul, the exhibition will feature visual representations of the impact of coral bleaching by 20 environmentally focused artists. A recycled timber sphere installation, suspended from the ceiling, will also display some of the artists’ work.

NinetyFive Percent was named in response to XL Catlin Seaview Survey, which found 95% of the world’s ocean remains unseen and unexplored by humans. The organisation aims to raise awareness on the issue of global coral bleaching, and the importance of protecting the world’s most significant resource.

“I created NinetyFive Percent as a vehicle to share the hard work being done to analyse and visually document what is happening in our oceans,” says Paul.

“Ocean warming and coral bleaching is such a vital symptom of climate change. Every person needs to be aware of the threat it poses to the environment,” she adds.

The NinetyFive Percent exhibition is free and opening night is on Thursday 5th of November 6 – 9 pm. Then will open to the public on November 6 – Saturday November 7, 10am – 6pm at District01, Surry Hills. Ten per cent of all sales will be donated to UnderWater Earth, a not-for-profit organisation established to visually document the changes in oceans caused by global warming.

Annabel Scalen
Anne Bourne
George 'Apeseven' Hambov
Arquette Cooke
Brent 'Biffy' Smith
Carly Casey
Caspian de Looze
Cat Lee
Courtney Brims
Elle Wills
Jaimee Paul
Jonny Steiner
Kareena Zerefos
Kirsten Duncombe
Lani Paxton
Laura Ives
Luschia Porter
Lyn Hammond
Thomas Jackson

Sponsored by two businesses working to reduce their emissions in their workplace practices:
-Going Solar and recycling units in all locations .
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In Proud Partnership with:
-The team behind XL Caltin Seaview Survey and the inspiration behind the exhibition,
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