Nitrogen 21

Amarie Bergman

19 Sep 2015, 12 - 12am

n/a, Canberra


Amarie Bergman


19 Sep 2015
12 - 12am


Canberra,  2600
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A minimalist intervention about extremes of Nitrogen production takes place in Canberra Australia at 21 sequential sites for durations of only 21 seconds.

A minimalist intervention at 21 sites in Australia’s national capital highlights the necessity for, at least momentary, awareness of Nitrogen production. Depletion of Nitrogen fixation in the soil, among other degenerative practices, continues to happen while escalation of air pollution by Nitrogen Oxides, as smoke and smog due to non-stop high-temperature combustion, exhaust gases from vehicles, biogenics and industrial processes, is prevalent.

21 identical white, vinyl decals of the letter N, symbol for Nitrogen as a chemical element, are sequentially placed for 21 seconds at 21 exterior public locations, including those near the Department of the Environment’s office building. N’s zigzag shape has inherent ingress / egress implications that can translate as ‘a way in’ and ‘a way out.’

NITROGEN 21 addresses the timeliness of being attentive to Nitrogen’s impact on the Earth’s climate to restore / enhance the agricultural potential of the land and improve the quality of the air. Situational rather than site specific, this intervention interacts within the locale, yet the project also can resonate within the broader, international community as a documented, graphic form of passive activism.

Paul MacGillivary


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