No Man is an Island

Faye Pearson Jones

25 Sep - 09 Oct 2015, All Day

The Gallery Liverpool, Merseyside


Against the Tide by Faye Pearson Jones


25 Sep - 09 Oct 2015
All Day


The Gallery Liverpool
Stanhope Street
Liverpool, Merseyside,  L8 5RE
United Kingdom
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As part of a group show featuring Liverpool Artists, Faye Pearson Jones has produced a series of work called, No Man is an Island on the theme of climate migration and displacement. The series includes both paintings and a driftwood and bronze sculpture called, Lady of the Sea.

Artist Statement

Embarking upon this set of self-portraits took me on a journey into the notion of physical and psychological displacement.

In my twenties, I experienced first-hand, the movement of people via Lampedusa into Sicily. 15 years on and this phenomenon is only just breaking news headlines, reaching our own shores in the shape of a 'Migrant Crisis'.

'Today 60 million people have been displaced by war, but 187 million people between now and 2100 could be displaced by rising sea levels' -The Cousteau Society.

The emaciated, almost brutal depiction of figures in my paintings points to an earth-human system in crisis. A system unable to satisfy the basic needs for human flourishing.

Each painting is in essence a time traveller, a lookout on the starboard of the Titanic calling out for prompt action on climate change. They are a call back to Liverpool's Frederick Fleet, who with limited resources and time, did what he could to mitigate disaster and save lives. It is with a sad irony on our modern struggle, we recall his words:

'Iceberg! Right Ahead!'

As a beacon of hope, Lady of the Sea, stateless and shipwrecked, shows how we can use the inherent qualities of nature and ancient technologies in tandem, to create art as beautiful, if not more beautiful than the sum of its parts. It is a poignant allegory for life, showing that when we work with the positive and enduring elements within every material and in every person, we create a sustainable path for change.

"We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike."
~ Dr Maya Angelou


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