Objects Found on the Beach

Environment Europe Ltd

07 Nov - 15 Dec 2015, All Day

Sala La Cámara, Tenerife

(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev

(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev


07 Nov - 15 Dec 2015
All Day


Sala La Cámara
Calle Bencomo, 23 local
San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife,  38201
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Exhibition of eight photographs devoted to plastics pollution in our oceans and coastal areas. Created in Malaysia and Spain, this series depicts natural objects and pieces of plastics found on the beaches of Pulau Redang and Tenerife. The contrast of background and subject matter is attracting further attention.

By selecting the plastic and natural objects as the subjects of a photographic series, the artists, Dr Stanislav Shmelev, expresses his serious concern about the unsustainable trends in the global production and consumption patterns. Plastics cannot be processed by the Earth's ecosystems and its use should be limited to durable goods, such as computers, which last for several years. On the other hand, the use of plastics in packaging, which is thrown away immediately after use, should be avoided at all cost and reduced to the fully recyclable types of plastics, e.g. PET. A lot of the plastics ends up in the Oceans destroying the food chains and is causing damage (see e.g. New completely biodegradable materials are urgently needed to reverse the dangerous trend. The artist is arguing for the International Plastics Convention or a special paragraph in the United Nations Convention on the laws of the sea, Under the auspices of Environment Europe, Dr Stanislav Shmelev organizes the Oxford Summer and Winter Schools in Ecological Economics as well as the Forum for Sustainable Cities, which bring together leading scholars, policy makers and practitioners, PhD students and business representatives to discuss new models and approaches to sustainability and the green economy. At a time of 400 pp CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere (IPCC), 265 mln tonnes of plastics deposited in world's oceans (IUCN) and 52% of biodiversity lost in the last 40 years (WWF) we urgently need a transition to a more sustainable and regenerative development model.

Environment Europe activities reached out to participants in 37 different countries, including Canada, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Iceland, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Bosnia, Latvia, Ghana, Nigeria, China, India, Bhutan, Taiwan, Thailand and ustralia. Among the alumni of the Summer and Winter Schools are members of UNDP, UNEP & DEFRA staff, PhD students, academics, business (SHELL, DELOITTE) and NGO representatives. Dr Stanislav Shmelev has recently attended the high profile international meetings of the Club of Rome, World Resources Forum 2015, “Liberté, Égalité, Fragilité”, Institute for New Economic Thinking International Forum (OECD, Paris, France, 2015), The Green Growth Knowledge Platform forum at Ca Foscari University of Venice, Italy, 2015; “Changing the Guard”, Institute for New Economic Thinking International Forum, Hong Kong, 2013; Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 13-22 June, 2012 and International Society for Ecologcical Economics confernece Ecological Economics and Rio+20: Challenges and Contributions for a Green Economy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 16-19 June, 2012.

(c) Dr Stanislav Shmelev
Fotonoviembre de Tenerife 2015


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