“Particulart: Up in the Air”

Clare Bryden

30 Nov - 11 Dec 2015, All Day

Exeter Cathedral, Devon


Clare Bryden


30 Nov - 11 Dec 2015
All Day
For Exeter Cathedral opening times, see
Holy Ground is at 7pm on Sunday 6 December.


Exeter Cathedral
1 The Cloisters
Exeter, Devon,  EX1 1HS
United Kingdom
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Find out more about climate change through the medium of knitted greenhouse gases hung in a 3D graph. Slideshow about the exhibition from 30 November to 11 December in Exeter Cathedral, and the Real Thing on 6 December.

The installation "Up in the Air" is part of the project "Particulart: The art of knitting, chemistry, and gentle protest". It will feature as a slideshow in Exeter Cathedral during the climate negotiations, and a pop-up exhibition is planned during the Holy Ground service and discussion from 7pm on Sunday 6 December.

"Up in the Air" refers to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, to the potential impacts of climate change, and to the state of climate negotiations in the run up to the Paris meeting.

The installation includes knitted representations of eight greenhouse gases hung around a globe in a 3D graph according to data on global warming potential, concentration and lifetime. There is also interpretation, games based on the data, and the opportunity to knit your own carbon dioxide.

Because climate change is happening over such a long time-scale and the potential impacts are so huge, many people switch off and pretend that there is no issue. Knitting is a way of bringing it back down to earth. It is creative and makes connections, and opens out conversations.

Knitting is tactile. It references the material relationship between human beings and things. It is difficult not to hold a knitted particle without squeezing the atoms. They are homely, comfortable, approachable, and innocent. But I hope they still carry some challenge. Because although a 3D knitted representation of carbon dioxide might be cuddly and non-threatening, the reality is ominous.

Thanks to Exeter Cathedral for hosting and to Exeter City Council, the Diocese of Exeter and the Relight My Fire festival for funding.


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