Plastic Seas

Spain Now; María José Arceo& Susana Sanromán

22 Nov 2015, 10am - 1:30pm

The Hospital Club, London


Susana Sanroman's still image from video 'The Things We Leave Behind'


22 Nov 2015
10am - 1:30pm


The Hospital Club
24 Endell Street
London,  WC2H 9HQ
United Kingdom
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Two environmental artists address the impact of plastic on our environment.

'Plastic Seas': María José Arceo & Susana Sanromán; two environmental artists addressing the impact of plastic on our environment.

Included in Spain Now 2015 program. Spain NOW! is an annual season showcasing the latest creative talent coming out of Spain.

María José Arceo will present a documentary film on eXXpedition. ‘’Our mission is to explore the issue of plastics, chemicals, endocrine disruptors and carcinogens in our personal and global environment that can cause disease. Our aim is to engage women in scientific narratives relating to the consumer choices they make, and their long-term health impacts on themselves and our environment’’
Maria Jose Arceo is a London-based artist born in Santiago de Compostela, who uses multi-disciplinary art practices like sculpture video & photography to explore interactions between humans and the natural world; in particular, she is looking for traces of human footprints upon water environments.

Susana Sanromán will a video art piece from her ongoing project ‘The Things We Leave Behind’. This project investigates notions such as the discarded and focuses on the waste that generates our consumerist society.

A prolific visual artist, Susana Sanromán depicts keenly the peculiar charm of snatched moments, and hers is a confessional vision of human nature Her work aims to highlight the impact of waste on the environment.

Serpertine Galleries, The Hospital Club, Molina Contemporary, Blueprint
European Commission, Spanish Embassy in UK
Major Sponsors:
Spanish Ministry of Education , Culture and Sport; Gobierno de España; Accion Cultural Española


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