Plastics in the Marine Environment


21 May - 05 Jun 2016, All Day

The Gate Arts Centre Cardiff, Wales



21 May - 05 Jun 2016
All Day
Please check website for opening time outside business hours


The Gate Arts Centre Cardiff
Keppoch Street
Cardiff, Wales,  CF24 3JW
United Kingdom
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Our earth is covered by millions of tonnes of plastic waste; often this waste is from single use plastics which could have been replaced with more sustainable options. This plastic has a particularly negative impact on the marine environment especially to wildlife, this exhibition aims to explore these issues.

Plastic in the marine environment is one of the greatest challenges of our modern age. Each plastic bag, cup, fork or spoon.... used once and discarded so casually (out of sight out of mind). This plastic is often mistaken for food by sea birds and turtles, provides a choking or entanglement hazard. Even minutely small plastic microbeads from cosmetics are causing big problems up the food chain.

What world do we live in where the convenience of a plastic water bottle, a carrier bag, a tray to display our apples is more important than our only home?

Do people even realise that these plastics in themselves are produced from crude oil and chemicals derived from a limited supply of fossil fuels? What legacy are we leaving our future generations?

Open to all ages and capacity is 100 plus

Thank you to Dr. Jacek Pijanka who developed the idea for the exhibition with me


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