A work by Djeff and Monsieur Moo

03 - 04 Oct 2015, 8pm - 12am

Eglise Saint-Merry, Paris


Crédit Mikko Lagerstedt


03 - 04 Oct 2015
8pm - 12am


Eglise Saint-Merry
76 rue de la Verrerie
Paris,  75004
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The Saint-Merry Church, opposite the Pompidou Centre, develops a wide artistic program and launched a call for projects around COP 21. From July to December 2015, ten artists will show. Nuit Blanche asks the question: what will happen after the COP 21?

What will be the state of the earth if nothing changes after the COP21? The work "Omen" presents a disturbing universe with this in mind, creating a hypnotic fascination where only traces of human life remain.

A boat stranded in the middle of the church choir, sand made of broken promises, strong radiation hovering overhead...

The work will include: A small fishing boat, on a background of broken glass bottles and beyond the crossing.
The crowd will cross the work on a jetty passable on a word net above the boat
Visitors from small pieces of paper (dry rain) on which there are pieces of the declaration of the UN on the 37/7 nature not applied statement
Lighting from the outside through the windows
A green aurora simulation in the nave

Church groups heavily engaged on the climate issue will welcome visitors and discuss around a frugal buffet.

Art Culture et Foi ; Urban-Act ; Ville de Paris


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