Rainforest Listening

Leah Barclay

03 - 15 Dec 2015, All Day

Eiffel Tower, France


Rainforest Listening


03 - 15 Dec 2015
All Day


Eiffel Tower
Avenue Anatole France
Paris, France,  75008
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Rainforest Listening is an augmented reality project that layers rainforest soundscapes in iconic urban environments to inspire ecological engagement. Listeners access the sounds via mobile devices and sculpt their own soundscape as they walk through Paris.

At COP21 we are bringing the rainforests of the world to Paris and encouraging global leaders to listen to nature and take climate action. Rainforest Listening showcases one of the most critical environments on earth, the Amazon Rainforest. The installation features pristine sounds recorded in a diversity of ecosystems including lowland tropical rainforest with abundant wildlife. Listeners can hear the rich biodiversity of insects and birdlife and those who venture deeper into the sound maps can discover the endangered Amazon River dolphins or elusive howler monkeys hidden in iconic locations throughout Paris.

The Eiffel Tower and surrounding parklands will be transformed into an immersive sonic experience layering rainforest soundscapes over the breathtaking views of the city. Each observatory platform of the Eiffel Tower will be interpreted as the four distinct layers of tropical rainforest vegetation through immersive soundscapes and original sonic art created exclusively for COP21 by multi-award winning Australian artist Leah Barclay.

Over 100 sounds will be planted across Paris during COP21 at major side events including Petit Palais for Earth To Paris – Le Hub, The Global Landscapes Forum, The Hub Culture Paris Pavilion and throughout Le Bourget.

To experience Rainforest Listening in Paris you will need a mobile device and headphones. You can access the soundscapes via two free mobile applications Recho and Podwalk, with Recho being our core application for iOS and android users. The installations run 24 hours a day and can be accessed anytime throughout COP21. If you would like to join a guided sound walk or meet our team on the ground in Paris, please use the contact page on our website or follow #RainforestListening on twitter.

Rainforest Listening is produced by Rainforest Partnership, an international NGO founded with a mission to protect tropical rainforests by partnering with people at global and local levels to create lasting solutions to deforestation. Rainforest Listening is supported by HubCulture, the UN Foundation and Earth to Paris.


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