Science in The Sky

Theater by the Drawn to Stars Theatre Company

21 Oct 2015, 7:30 - 9:30pm

Baptist Church, Tring



21 Oct 2015
7:30 - 9:30pm
This event will be performed at many events in the UK and France through out October, November and December. For updates, please see our website


Baptist Church
89 High Street
Tring, Tring ,  HP23 4AB
United Kingdom
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A theatrical performance that combines storytelling, comedy and drama to explore our relationship to climate change.

Climate Scientist Dr Elsie is at breaking point. for forty years her charting of the accelerating crisis has gone unheeded and once again she stands, Cassandra-like, in an intergovernmental coffee break, choking on complacency. she must do something. Anything. then a chance encounter on the A44, with a hot-air balloon enthusiast, sends her sailing high into the sky.

9000 miles away in a Fukushima Prefecture, a child nurses a broken bird. on the horizon she spies a beautiful, red balloon. she reaches out her small hand...

in December this year the United Nations will meet in Paris for the 21st Conference of parties on climate change. Many see this meeting as an opportunity to formulate a truly global response and begin the implementation of measures that can avert the growing impacts of climate change. Drawn to Stars Theatre Company presents a poetic, urgent response to the challenge.

created by Vanessa Hammick, Aimee Corbett and Director Ian Yeoman.
Supported by Arts Council Wales, Garfield Weston Foundation and Kevin Spacey Foundation.


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