Selamat Pagi


25 Oct - 25 Sep 2015, 8am - 3pm

Kelanduan River, Sleman, Yogyakarta



25 Oct - 25 Sep 2015
8am - 3pm


Kelanduan River
Dusun Krapyak, RT 5 / 55 , Ngemplak, Wedomartani
Sleman, Sleman, Yogyakarta,  55584
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Selamat Pagi will not be opening a ticketing for the event. Visitors will be asked to contribute through purchase of merchandise by JR Youth Coop. The contribution will be used for the sustainability of the event.

JR Youth Coop is a coop for youth in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A coop for youth can become a potential motor to obtain autonomy in various aspects.

JR Youth Coop in collaboration with Kampung Halaman Foundation will initiate a weekend activity to build a network of youth while promoting the coop energy to youth in Krapyak, Yogyakarta.

Selamat Pagi is a space to gather, share stories and interests on a Sunday morning. It also offers an alternative hub for young creativepreneurs in Yogyakarta to be able to build networks and also “show and tell” their creative products.

Selamat Pagi brings the energy of coop to young people in Yogyakarta to stay passionate in their creative craftmenship to be able to challenge themselves to new ideas. Selamat Pagi also opens a window of opportunity for collaborative work with creative individuals and communities. Meeting up, saying hello, jokes and laughter is the recipe for Selamat Pagi.

An open space stage will hold gigs and performances while at the same time a creative workshop for public and educational kids playground will be available.

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A social asset in the form of people's increased understanding in the importance of natureconservation, in Krap is included, is currently our biggest resource. However, this knowledge should continue to be developed to become real actions that benefit for the people themselves. For this purpose, we keep searching for partners, such as institutions and/or experts, who can help advance the capacity of people's understanding to sustainably conserve and be able to reap benefits from it. In the future, we hope that Krapyak youths will lead this process because only through these youths a community knowledge lives on.


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