Sunamik Pigialik?

Theatre play for children from 8 years old

19 - 22 Nov 2015, 12 - 12am

Maison des métallos, Paris


Arne Naevra


19 - 22 Nov 2015
12 - 12am
Thursday, November 19 at 14pm
Friday, November 20 at 10am
Saturday, November 21 at 16:30pm
Sunday at 15pm
Length 1h


Maison des métallos
94 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
Paris,  75011
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In this theatre performance for all over 8 year olds, four actors make us travel through space and time, and are in turn polar bears, zoo keepers, penguins, scientists, lecturers, cosmonauts…

Between right and wrong, we are guided by the point of view of two children to question our ability to change the world, stop global warming and, perhaps , save the polar bear.

Sunamik Pigialik? ( What to do? in the Inuit language) depicts the uncertain future of the polar bear. What are the possible responses of mankind facing the demise of this species?


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