Super Martin Adventures


03 Oct - 29 Nov 2015, 11 - 11:45am

Place du Palais Royal, Paris




03 Oct - 29 Nov 2015
11 - 11:45am
Starts at 11:00, 16:00 and 18:00 every day - each tour lasts 45 minutes.


Place du Palais Royal
Place du Palais Royal
Paris,  75001
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A walk where Super Martin reveals the different environmental aspects of the city. We turn this super power image to humorously point the causes and consequences of our behaviour on our environment.

"The essential question is: what should we turn? The environment to suit the man, or the man to fit the environment? Should we give the man artificial and sophisticated ways that will help him survive or adapt its organization to the survival conditions offered by the environment? Yona Friedman, Architecture de Survie, published by Éclat, p.117.

In this vision, we propose a walk in the city where the public is invited to follow Super Martin. The idea was born of our common imagination of childhood superheroes who save the world. Superman, Spiderman make the difference and still fighting the bad guys. We turn this super power image to humorously point the causes and consequences of our behavior on our environment. Our actions are directly responsible for the preservation or non-preservation of our ecosystem. For there to be a dialogue between man and his environment, man must begin to question his surroundings: his space but also other men who inhabit this space.

Our hero walks through advanced and choreographed gestures and point out the environmental and social aspects of the city, positive as negative: food, mobility, public space, social behavior, communication etc. The reality of the city is modified and transformed under the eye of the audience and by the actions of Super Martin.

Five to eight performers of all generations interpret our character while allowing all public to identify and invest.Super Martin, like all superheroes, wearing a cape and a suit of its own. Here, a red cape, white pants, a blue and white sailor shirt and red socks. The costume is a snap as a cliché of France, the host country of the event and place where the action is organized.

The performance unfolds as follows: a walk of 45 minutes performed three times, once a week, on a chosen route. The starting point is always the same: the Place du Palais Royal. There is no maximum gauge, however, the ride does not allow disabled people and strollers to participate. Wear comfortable walking shoes. At the end of the performance, the Super Martins offer a cape to a spectator, allowing him to take over. We play on the moment and the context that is offered to us and comes to us.

The LOKA STUDIO invites the public to act, to share a new view on the world and live a sensory experience.


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