Switching Heads – Sound mapping the Arctic


30 Nov - 11 Dec 2015, 11am - 6pm

The streets of Paris, Paris


Owen Pulejkova


30 Nov - 11 Dec 2015
11am - 6pm
For dates, times and maps of the daily routes please refer to the artists' website


The streets of Paris
Paris, Paris ,  75058
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Sculpture, film and immersive sound technology will transport audiences in Paris to the Arctic Circle through the voices and stories of the people who live on the front line of climate change.

Artists Holly Owen and Kristina Pulejkova will be bringing the sights, sounds and stories from the Arctic Circle to the city streets of Paris.

Switching Heads-sound mapping the Arctic captures community life and the raw nature of the Arctic using a method of sculpture, video and binaural sound recording that will be packaged into an all-encompassing audio-visual experience. Filmed on location in a city between fjords in the northern most tip of Norway their project will transport audiences to one of the world’s most severe and endangered environments while building a platform for native voices to tell their story of life in earth’s rapidly changing polar region.

Extending the notions of expedition and lived experience Owen and Pulejkova will carry their film on their backs through the streets of Paris dressed as polar explorers. Audiences can follow the artists across the city using illustrated maps of their daily routes and through a live blog, both found on their website

Holly Owen and Kristina Pulejkova