The Birds’ Ark

François Davin

29 Nov - 31 Dec 2015, All Day

Terres d'Oiseaux, Gironde


François Davin


29 Nov - 31 Dec 2015
All Day


Terres d'Oiseaux
Port des Callonges - 2, Les Nouvelles Possessions
BRAUD & SAINT LOUIS, Gironde,  33820
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Ephemeral installation on the site of Terres d'Oiseaux, bird sanctuary on the Gironde estuary, France

Part of Artists in Nature International special project:
2° - Global Warming and its Environmental Impact.

If the temperatures would continue to increase at the current rythm, the sea levels would rise to catastrophic levels.

To evoque this threat, François Davin builds a symbolic Ark to host and save the birds.
He plays with the paradox that it is a bird, a dove according to the Bible, which announced to Noé the end of the Deluge, bringing back a branch of olive tree in its beak.

According to his strictly site-specific art practice, François Davin installs this ephemeral piece at Terres d'Oiseaux, a bird sanctuary, onthe edge of the Girond Estuary, North of Bordeaux.

Terres d'Oiseaux provides the materials and supports the creation of the artwork.


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