The Ice People


05 Dec 2015, All Day

Streets and locations in central Paris, Paris


The Bone Ensemble


05 Dec 2015
All Day
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Streets and locations in central Paris
Streets and locations in central Paris
Paris,  --
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Find the Ice People as they move through Paris, dressed in their eye-catching, sculptural costumes! Listen out for the sounds of their Arctic environment recreated in concrete corners. Join in with the Ice People’s games, getting us to work together for change.

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Some people arrive from a cold, cold place…

They look strange. They sound strange. Who are they? They begin to share their story – a story full of curiosity and fun, about the fragility of home, and finding answers to big questions. They ask you to join their adventure…

The Ice People is part of research and development for The Bone Ensemble’s Igloo Project. The work is grounded in science, powered by the imagination. We started with a captivating vision: an igloo in a summer landscape. We explored igloos and Inuit culture. We became interested in climate change. We decided we wanted to make exciting, innovative performance that would really get people thinking…

In Paris, we are trying out some of the The Ice People as a ‘walkabout’ version of some of the performance material. The striking characters go on a quest to find a new home, dressed in their eye-catching, sculptural costumes – taking their possessions and stories with them, perhaps armed with telescopes, musical instruments and measuring devices – but need your help! We are looking at movement, participation and voice.

This is not a ‘doom and gloom’ kind of project - there’s no point leaving audiences with negative scenarios and no idea how to take action for change… We want to weave scientific knowledge into a compelling theatre experience, engaging audiences with climate change issues in a refreshing, new way, in order to encourage and stimulate thought and feeling about the pressing challenges that we currently face. Interacting with audiences, music and voice, doing things together, and creative thinking are at the project’s heart. And having fun, too!

With thanks to MAC Birmingham and the University of Birmingham


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