Sense of duty…

Chapuis Serge (Schap)

01 - 19 Oct 2015, 11am - 7pm




01 - 19 Oct 2015
11am - 7pm


Place Graslin
NANTES, Paris,  44000
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Serge Chapuis Painter and Set Designer, plays with plastic as a metaphor of human life with the birth, doubt, resignation... the right to life, to the right of death, he questions the sense of duty for a meaning to life in a world that is changing.

"Designed and created in a not so distant past.
I build what I am today,
To become what I will be tomorrow. "
Serge Chapuis (Schap)

In a world where obscurantism reborn, and this time we are dealing with people who recommend the reason... Faced with this, we can not be silent.

Executioner or victim, Schap explores the human condition face its destruction, and that of its environment. It touches the vision of a world that is going to ruin if the collective or individual consciousness does not mobilize.

The context of globalization, consumerism, financial stress are factors that contribute to increase the probability of environmental claims, the consequences may be comparable to the "butterfly effect": if a butterfly flapping wings in Brazil can cause a tornado in Texas, one in Nantes challenged can upset harmful production site in China.

The artist demonstrates that the wait and the worst enemy of man, and is a symbol of the object.

"When the subject ... the one who denounces that bothers becomes a reflection of the contradictions of the beholder, so the viewer becomes the object and watched a piece of art that absorbs and feeds his emotion...! "

This exhibition aims to shake up consciences, and puts their responsibilities political dogmas, religious, philosophical and economic.

From 1 October 2015 to 19 October 2015 -
CULTURAL SPACE "THE SQUIRREL" Place Graslin - 44000 - Nantes
Open to the public from 11:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday.
Information: 06 87 55 89 75

France bleu Loire Océan - TF1 - Ouest-France - Ville de Nantes


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