Touch this earth (sea) lightly


15 - 20 Sep 2015, All Day

Erub Arts, Torres Strait



15 - 20 Sep 2015
All Day


Erub Arts
Darnley Island
Torres Strait,  4875
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Torres Strait Islanders share their stories about relationship to the environment whilst having their feet wrapped in clay. Sound and clay shoes will become part of a large collection/multi media installation, revealing the sentiments of people from across Australia.

Touch this earth lightly is an art project that collects people’s stories about their relationship to the environment. The focus is on the emotional, cultural, and spiritual, intrinsic qualities that define who we are. The project has specifically been concerned with collecting stories in Australia, exploring the country from the desert to the sea; the urban, rural, and isolated. People/places have been targeted where the use of land is contested: places where the environment may be particularly fragile or vulnerable, communities where the people/land relationship are noticeably shaped by work and history, or where events may have taken place that challenge or change that relationship.

Darnley Island is one of the eastern most of over 100 islands that make up the Torres Strait, part of the Queensland state of Australia. Industry, livelihood and day to day life rely on the sea. The impact of rising sea levels is paramount in any consideration of the future. This is the location of the last instalment of the project Touch this earth (sea) lightly. Artist Bridget Nicholson will be stationed at Erub Arts and invites members of the community to share their stories whilst having their feet wrapped in clay. The resultant shoes, and audio recordings will be added to the Australia wide collection to be presented as a multi media installation.

Erub Arts


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