“Tree of Life” hung with tens of thousands of climate stories is a centerpiece of COP21 mobilizations

The Climate Ribbon Project

07 - 11 Dec 2015, All Day

Le ZAC @ Centquatre, France


Ribbon maker at COY11


07 - 11 Dec 2015
All Day
Specific times for rituals and readings of ribbons will be posted on The project will be view-able for the duration of Le ZAC @ 104.

(The Climate Ribbon will also be in Montreuil for the People's Summit)


Le ZAC @ Centquatre
5 Rue Curial
Paris, France,  75019
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Tens of thousands of people around the world have created “climate ribbons” to share what they love and hope to never lose to climate change. They are bringing them to Paris to tie onto a Tree of Life sculpture that will be a centerpiece of COP21 mobilizations.

What do you love and hope to never lose to climate chaos?
We must share our climate grief, so we can move towards solidarity and action.

The Climate Ribbon is a storytelling project, art-installation and grassroots mobilization all rolled into one. For the duration of the UN Climate Summit (COP21), the Climate Ribbon will be installed at key venues throughout Paris. At the close of the COP21, on December 12th, red climate ribbons will be featured in actions around the world, when concerned citizens draw the climate “red lines” that negotiators must not cross.

Ribbon messages include: “The kindness among strangers,” “Safety for my grandchildren,” and “My country, Syria.”

WHEN: November 29-December 12
WHERE: November 30-December 4: At Générations Climat, Le Bourget, COP21
December 5-6: Large Climate Ribbon Tree sculpture at the People’s Climate Summit outdoors in Montreuil.
December 7-11: Featured Climate Ribbon art installation at the movement convergence space, Climate Action Zone (ZAC), at the CENTQUATRE-Paris (104 Art Center, 5 Rue Curial, 75019).
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