TUVALU : an island in the heart of a world in mutation


19 Sep - 31 Dec 2015, 12 - 12am

Passage Henri Alleg, Paris


Sylvain Duffard


19 Sep - 31 Dec 2015
12 - 12am
Tuvalu sera visible lors des parcours ici/ailleurs les 25, 27 Novembre et le 5 décembre au départ de la place du Front Populaire
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Passage Henri Alleg
16 rue Ferragus / 31 rue du Moutier
Aubervilliers, Paris,  93300
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Tuvalu is an art installation in the public spece of Aubervilliers market, echoing the local, territorial and world mutations. This is both a garden of the already there and a forum for the mutation.

Tuvalu in Aubervilliers
Here, Tuvalu is an art installation related to Aubervilliers market redeployment in the new passage Henri Alleg.
Installation is firstly a pleasant place, both bench for users of the market, garden made with stones from demolitions and terrace for multiple associative s uses. On the other hand it's a manifest on the issue of re-use, using materials from the site set in motion by the construction process and questioned consumption and hyper-mobility of resources by looking through the prism of urban metabolism.

Tuvalu in the Pacific
Elsewhere, Tuvalu is a Polynesian archipelago; it is one of the smallest state in the world, its inhabitants, the Tuvaluan are six times fewer than those of Aubervilliers. Tuvalu could be by the end of this century, the first state to disappear under water due to global warming.
Its population already expatriates in bulk, but do not get to climate refugee statut. Tuvalu became a symbol of the effects of climate change: how our lifestyles here questioning those elsewhere?

The approach HQAC * Aubervilliers led by the artist Stefan Shankland is supported by :
The City of Aubervilliers, the Agglomeration of Community Plaine Commune , The Department of Seine-Saint-Denis , EPA Plaine de France , the DRAC Île-de-France , the RATP .


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