CAN (Concerned Artists Norway)

26 Nov 2015, 5 - 8am

Dramatikkens Hus, Oslo


Designe Elin Sørensen (CAN)


26 Nov 2015
5 - 8am


Dramatikkens Hus
Tøyenbekken 34
Oslo,  0188
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It is getting dramatically hotter. We can do something about it. Why are we not doing anything?

Climate change is part of a larger narrative. We need to talk. The stories of our time our failing us. We need new ones.

Vorpsiel to Peoples Climate March: Climate Change Theatre Action, is a contribution to that.

Climate Change Theatre Action is a global festival made of concerned playwrights, writers and performers worldwide.
It is getting dramatically hotter. We can do something about it. Why are we not doing anything?

Peoples Climate March is happening worldwide on Nov. 28, ahead of the climate summit in Paris. Also in Oslo.

We meet at the Norwegian Centre for new Playwriting and we read some of the texts that are made available plus adding some distinctive Norwegian voices including meteorologist Rasmus Benestad and poet Inger Elisabeth Hansen who just released the highly acclaimed book "Å resirkulere lengselen. Avrenning foregår".

Texts from Climate Change Action Theatre:
Kendra Fanconi: Finale.
Dipika Guha: A song for the sleepers
Amal Khouri: You stink

With: Meteorologist: Rasmus Benestad . Actors: Diego Belda, Monica Borge Fure, Hauk Heyerdahl, Karen Høie, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Nicolay Lange Nilsen, Arnt Christian Teigen. Poets: Åsmund Vonheim Seip and Inger Elisabeht Hansen. Musician: Geko Fattaz

Oslo International Theatre reads Chantal Bideou's: Forward.
WIth: Kirsti Lovas,Merete Nordahl,Benjamin Noble,Heta Kerokoski.Julie Skaufel. Director: Øystein Ulsberg Brager

We are all sitting in the same boat.
And the sea rises.
We all have to do something.

Producer: CAN (Concerned Artists Norway) by Nina Ossavy

Dramatikkens Hus, Norwegian Centre for New Playwriting, CAN(Concerned Artists Norway)


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