Adam Chodzko: Deep Above


20 - 21 Nov 2015, 1 - 2pm

Cinema 2, Watershed Bristol, Bristol


Adam Chodzko, 2015


20 - 21 Nov 2015
1 - 2pm

Cinema 2, Watershed Bristol
1 Canons Road
Bristol,  BS1 5TX
United Kingdom
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Rejoignez-nous pour deux projections de 'Deep Above' par l'artiste Adam Chodzko, qui explore le fossé psychologique dans notre relation au changement climatique; nous reconnaissons son apparition mais nous sommes paralysés de prendre des mesures immédiates pour éviter ses conséquences terrifiantes.

We all know climate change is happening; we experience extreme weather conditions and observe the data, imagery and analysis as evidence, and ‘everyone’ seems to be talking about it. We appreciate, intellectually, its potentially devastating impact on our planet and yet simultaneously we distance ourselves from feeling this danger, diverting our belief into fantasies that somehow, individually, we are impervious.

Chodzko uses moving image and sound to explore, short-circuit and abstract our self-deceptions regarding climate change. Exploring the zones between the rational and irrational, and mind and body, whilst adopting the languages of meditation, hypnosis and ‘self help’ he addresses the behavioural psychology analysed in George Marshall’s brilliant book 'Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change'.

Both screenings will be followed by a Q&A with Alice Sharp, Director of Invisible Dust.

Invisible Dust, Watershed Bristol, Shambala Festival, HighWaterline, Bristol 2015 European Green Capital, Bristol Festival of Ideas, Bristol University. Supporté par Wellcome Trust.


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