Blued Trees

Installation par Aviva Rahmani

07 Sep - 31 Oct 2015, All Day

New York, New York



07 Sep - 31 Oct 2015
All Day

New York
New York
New York,  10001
United States
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"Blued Trees" est un projet in situ le long de pipelines, designé par Aviva Rahmani sur l'invitation d'activistes. Il permet d'introduire un nouveau discours juridique à propos du bien public, et de la justice environnementale pour de nombreux sites.

The Blued Trees symphony, created by Aviva Rahmani, is a permanent, site-specific art installation for habitat in the path of fossil fuel infrastructures that produce climate change. Activists invited an artist to leverage copyright law to protect 700,000 trees that would be felled by the Constitution pipeline in New York State. Rahmani produced the Overture, with Greek Chorus performers at eight additional international sites, for the Algonquin natural gas pipeline 105 ft. from the Indian Point nuclear plant, 30 miles from New York City. The art is an aerial design and acoustic score. Protecting the artwork could now also protect the land, often located in impoverished communities. October 4, 2015 the full symphony will expand globally by painting blue sine waves on threatened trees.

Rahmani filed federal copyright for the Overture. The legal basis for copyright is the American Visual Artists Rights Act for protection against destruction. Protecing the art challenges the definition of public good which legitimates taking private land for fossil fuel industry profits at the expense of the entire planet. Installations in several American states of full measures of the symphony will create joy and beauty, where fossil fuel companies plan expanded corridors of ecosystem death.

Anonymous activists
Maile Colbert, Aviva Rahmani musical composition
Aviva Rahmani, artist and producer
Earth Guardians, performers
Denise Petrizzo, videographer and film editor
Patrick Reilly, copyright lawyer


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