Climate Chess

Performance par Lotta Esko

02 - 04 Dec 2015, 2 - 4pm

Place de la Republique, France


Marko Mäkinen


02 - 04 Dec 2015
2 - 4pm
We can be flexible with the date and time, please contact us for more possibilities. We also plan to be in three different locations in Paris. Chancing the locations on each day. We would like to have your suggestions of the best places.

Place de la Republique
Place de la Republique
Paris, France,  75011
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"Climate Chess" est une performance de deux lapins qui se retrouvent sur un grand échiquier au milieu de la rue.

Two corporate bunnies are playing a game on a big chessboard made of unfired clay. They have stamps made out of fired clay with keynote words in them of this battle before nature ́s deadline. The means and rules of the game are constantly evolving, so the stamps are not the only way to make a move. The bunnies of soft appearance are hitting the hard facts in an absurd game. We need action no more promises!