Climate Symphony

Emissions radio

18 Oct 2015, 9 - 9:15am

Serpentinegalleries, Londres


Serpentine Galleries Transformation Marathon London


18 Oct 2015
9 - 9:15am
This is an online radio broadcast so can be accessed from any location.

LONDON, Londres,  na
United Kingdom
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Quel son émet une planète mourante? Climate Symphony transforme les données sur le changement climatique en notes de musique, en rythme et en phrases. Cette avant-première privée exclusive pour le Serpentine Transformation Marathon, permettra au compositeur Jamie Perera de présenter son travail.

What is the sound of a dying planet? Climate Symphony turns datasets on climate change into musical notes, timings and phrases. This raw material is transformed into musical scores performed by the people, places and things reflected in that data.

Working at the intersection of technology, data journalism and art, Climate Symphony is a fully scaleable project with a vision to use sound as a journalistic tool, this is social engagement through sound. This is what our planet sounds like through its lungs.

This exclusive preview for the Serpentine Transformation Marathon Radio features Disobedient Films (Leah Borromeo & Katharine Round) and composer Jamie Perera in conversation about the process of developing the project. Covering everything from how to compose from hard data to creating meaning through sound, this is also your chance to hear the first prototype created using this method.

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