Counting One to Four: Nature morte

Exposition de Debbie Symons

14 Sep - 11 Dec 2015, All Day

Streaming Museum, New York


Debbie Symons, Counting One to Four: Nature morte, 2015, HD Video. Running time 6:52, (still from video)


14 Sep - 11 Dec 2015
All Day
New York screening 6:30–9:00pm, 14 September 2105. Melbourne and Paris screening times to be advised.

Streaming Museum
E 47th St
New York,  10017
United States
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CLIMARTE est heureux d'avoir l'opportunité d'organiser l'exposition de l'artiste australienne Debbie Symons. Les travaux présentés sont une large sélection d’œuvres digitales intitulée "Counting One to Four : Nature morte". Cette exposition montre les conséquences prévues du réchauffement de l'atmosphère sur la biodiversité dans une vidéo de sept minutes.

CLIMARTE: Arts For A Safe Climate is one of Australia's leading NGO organisiations
harnessing the creative power of the Arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.

CLIMARTE is very excited to have the opportunity to curate an exhibition by leading Australia artist Debbie Symons. The artwork selected is an impressive large-scale digital work titled Counting One to Four: Nature morte. Counting One to Four: Nature morte visualises the predicted consequences of our warming atmosphere on the Earth’s biodiversity in a seven-minute HD looping video.

This ground breaking work will be screened at in three cities: New York, Melbourne and Paris.

Dr Debbie Symons’ research-based practice highlights the reality of thousands of species demise and their environments within our lifetime. This is a relatively new style of practice where artists confront and visualise empirical data in artistic form. The work moves beyond a simplistic representation of ‘damaged nature’ to a multifaceted analysis of cause and effect with projections of up to 52% of all terrestrial mammals, reptiles, marine species, amphibians and insects committed to extinction by 2100.

For more information and interview requests with Dr Debbie Symons please contact CLIMARTE Executive Diector Bronwyn Johnson by email on

Partenaires de l'événement :
Dr Debbie Symons
Musée Streaming, New York
World Council of Peoples for the United Nations
Federation Square, Melbourne
Billard Leece Partenariat, Melbourne


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