Panoramafreiheit Drei


02 - 17 Feb 2015, All Day

Blaze Gallery, Bristol


Dr. Erin Dooley


02 - 17 Feb 2015
All Day

Blaze Gallery
84 Colston Street
Bristol,  BS1 5BB
United Kingdom
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Dans cette exposition, j'ai l'intention d'explorer les questions de ce qui est considéré comme de l'art dans l'espace public : l'Anthropocène vs la nature et notre relation avec l'environnement bâti.

Ever increasingly the natural environment which surrounds us has become urbanised and part of the anthropocene. With mountains replaced by skyscrapers and trees replaced by street lamps, the question is often raised about our place in the new urban landscape. The early photographers such as Ansell Adams recorded images of mountain ranges and painted sunsets; today’s photographed environment is of buildings and painted graffiti.

The new environment is man-made and created, an artificial environment designed by architects, engineers and city planners. When we record this new environment using photography are we creating novel art works, or just reproducing and documenting another’s creative ideal? Do the public spaces which we inhabit actually belong to the people or are we all just temporary visitors in another’s philosophy and dreamscape?

All ages welcomed. Capacity 25 persons per viewing.

Thank you to Dr. Jacek Pijanka for encouraging me explore Sustainable Development themes. Thank you to the international street art community for making the built environment a more beautiful place. All proceeds go to charity.


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