L’Arctique est Paris

Gretel Ehrlich, Mel Chin, The Canary Project

06 Dec 2015, 3 - 5pm

Gaite Lyrique, Paris


Mel Chin


06 Dec 2015
3 - 5pm

Gaite Lyrique
3bis Rue Papin,
Paris,  75003
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A rare event with elite hunters from the top of the world - a talk with Jens Danielsen, Gretel Ehrlich and Mel Chin: putting a human face onto climate change.

The second in a two-part presentation by Gretel Ehrlich and Mel Chin, moderated by Neal Conan, and including a film by Mel Chin, stills and videos by Gretel Ehrlich, talks by featured speakers from Greenland and the Pacific Islands with traditional artifacts from the Arctic and the Pacific Islands. This continues the presentation at La Generale on December 2nd.

This continuing conversation will feature speakers Jens Danielsen and Mamarut Kristiansen from the northernmost town in Greenland, elite hunters from the top of the world. Jens traveled by dogsled from Greenland to Point Hope, Alaska, duplicating the Fifth Thule Expedition, a journey made by Knud Rasmussen in the 1920’s. He is the mayor of Qaanaaq, and a delegate to the Inuit Circumpolar Conference. Mamarut is one of the great hunters from Qaanaaq and is Jen’s brother-in-law, part of the extended family group that lives and hunts together. He is married to the great granddaughter of American explorer Robert Peary. Jens and Mamarut represent indigenous Arctic people who co-evolved with ice and migrated across the polar north from Siberia thousands of years ago. They will talk about how the demise of sea ice has affected their in-tact culture, their hunting traditions, their ability to survive, and where they go from here.

Support for L'Arctique est Paris comes from Ann W.Harithas, The Compton Foundation, Suzanne Deal Booth, Molly Gochman, Molly Kemp. Film producers: Full Moon Films, S.O.U.R.C.E. Studios, The Canary Project, smARTlab


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