Walk the Solar System for COP21


20 Nov - 31 Dec 2015, All Day

The Solar System, Any state or country


'Walking the Solar System for COP21'. October 2015. Artists, University of New Mexico, and patrons, 516ARTS, Downtown Albuquerque, NM USA. Photograph: Lola Bird


20 Nov - 31 Dec 2015
All Day

The Solar System
Planet Earth
Any town or city, Any state or country,  000000
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A progressive demonstration of the belief that our humanity is bound to the ecological health of the Earth. Take your community 1,800 km into space, for one minute, relative to the Sun. Reflect, document, return. Facebook your Solar Walk to petition COP21.

Take your community on a brisk one-minute walk in the Solar System!

Everyone is invited to 'Walk the Solar System for COP21' – a progressive performance for communities around the world to visually and aesthetically demonstrate their subscription to the belief that our humanity is bound to the ecological health of planet Earth.

• Gather your community at an inspirational location • Designate a photographer to document the performance • Space yourselves aesthetically • Adopt a strident walking pose • For one, still, silent, contemplative minute walk 1,800 km together relative to the Sun • Contemplate the vast expanse of the Solar System and the universal value of planet Earth as home • Photograph the Solar Walk • Return to Earth - everyone does!

As a good solurban citizen petition COP21 about your communal conviction and the imperative the Paris Conference has to protect planet Earth as we know it by posting a photograph of your Solar System Walk:

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