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Movimento Arte Inessente

29 Nov 2015, 2 - 7pm

Darsena, Lombardia



29 Nov 2015
2 - 7pm

Piazza XXIV mai
Milano, Lombardia,  20100
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Collecting signatures, performance, artists with makeup and clothes, with decorative elements that refer to nature and creative.
shows and trick children. Photo to send the petition to the authorities for cop21 the summit. Aperitif.
Posters and flyers

ART MOVEMENT INESSENTE adheres to the "Global Energy Initiative 100% CLEAN!

You are invited to sign the petition "100% clean energy" to ask politicians to take action to save the planet and the city in which we live.
The event is part of a worldwide mobilization launched by Avaaz (international association of volunteers), in order to push politicians towards a global deal to save our planet from climate change!
To show us even more united and determined, we ask you to wear green clothing (scarves, hats, gloves, coats, wigs ...) for those accondiscenderà, it will be drawn on the face of each green heart, a symbol of Event!
Below the program, we Art Movement Inessente we will be at 14:00 in the Dock.
Please introduce yourself with an umbrella, protection symbol disasters man coward!
Today's program
11:00 to 15: 30 gathering petition signatures "100% clean energy"
PHOTOS 4 p.m. in the dock, which will be sent to Avaaz and presented to heads of state from 196 nations at the summit in Paris
5:00 p.m. Aperitif ClimateAgharti, Via Vigevano 1
We wait in Piazza XXIV May at the entrance to the municipal market

Movimento Arte da Mangiare Mangiare Arte



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